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Current State of Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Use

Renewable energy is now being required to power up to 30% of America's needs and currently renewable sources make up only 12% .

US Energy Information Administration, Electric Power Monthly - August 2013

Distributed Generation Wind

Innovation Lives Here.

Primo Wind has designed a system that utilizes simple concepts but revolutionizes wind technology. Primo Wind introduces the most efficient, low-profile, horizontal turbine system on the market. With cut-in speeds at 2 knots lower than the industry standard, our modules are truly efficient and innovative.

Truly innovative, affordable, wind technology.

Harnessing More Energy.

Efficiency is crucial in renewable energy: harnessing the most energy and leaving the smallest footprint. Wind, like solar, requires surface area in order to capture the natural energy of the earth. Our technology has 1/4 the footprint of a comparable solar panel solution, and does not require the use of enormous towers.

Our systems are very efficient and are typically 20-35% more efficient that equally sized solar solutions.

Quiet. Aesthetic. Low-Profile.

Our systems are virtually silent, are architecturally adaptable to maximize aesthetics, and do not pose the threat to birds or other wildlife that current high-profile whirlybird systems do. We are scalable, flexible, and low maintenance.

From residential neighborhoods, to remote off-the-grid or weak grid outposts, to downtown buildings in major cities, and even scaled up versions for utility size wind farms without the overhead of towers and dangers to wildlife - Primo Wind will build the future in wind turbine technology.

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Market Share

Hydroelectric 58%
Wind 15.4%
Biomass 11%
Geo Thermal 3.2%
Solar 0.8%

We are an "and" Solution

We think of ourselves as an "and" solution - we can go anywhere solar goes and more. Whereas the sun may only shine for four peak hours a day, the wind has the potential to blow 24 hours a day.
Ned McMahon, CEO.