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Current State of Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Use

Renewable energy is now being required to power up to 30% of America's needs and currently renewable sources make up only 12% .

US Energy Information Administration, Electric Power Monthly - August 2013

Distributed Generation Wind

Innovation Lives Here.

Primo Wind has designed a system that utilizes simple concepts but revolutionizes wind technology. Primo Wind introduces the most efficient, low-profile, horizontal turbine system on the market. With cut-in speeds at 2 knots lower than the industry standard, our modules are truly efficient and innovative.

Truly innovative, affordable, wind technology.

Harnessing More Energy.

Efficiency is crucial in renewable energy: harnessing the most energy and leaving the smallest footprint. Wind, like solar, requires surface area in order to capture the natural energy of the earth. Our technology has 1/4 the footprint of a comparable solar panel solution, and does not require the use of enormous towers.

Our systems are very efficient and are typically 20-35% more efficient that equally sized solar solutions.

Quiet. Aesthetic. Low-Profile.

Our systems are virtually silent, are architecturally adaptable to maximize aesthetics, and do not pose the threat to birds or other wildlife that current high-profile whirlybird systems do. We are scalable, flexible, and low maintenance.

From residential neighborhoods, to remote off-the-grid or weak grid outposts, to downtown buildings in major cities, and even scaled up versions for utility size wind farms without the overhead of towers and dangers to wildlife - Primo Wind will build the future in wind turbine technology.

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Market Share

Hydroelectric 58%
Wind 15.4%
Biomass 11%
Geo Thermal 3.2%
Solar 0.8%

Our Mission

Primo Wind is on a mission to change the way the world uses wind energy. We design, manufacture, and deliver wind energy products that are aesthetically pleasing and produce the most amount of energy with the smallest footprint together with an emphasis on being a complimentary solution to other renewable energy sources.
Ned McMahon, CEO.