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Primo Wind

A New Perspective

In Wind Energy

Primo Wind is on a mission to change how and where the world uses wind energy. Our wind systems are quiet, aesthetically pleasing and designed to produce the maximum amount of energy with the smallest footprint possible.


The Turbine Reinvented

Quiet. Efficient. Powerful. Affordable.

Blade Design

Nine patented biomimetic thermoplastic blades

Proprietary Rotor

Stainless steel 9-blade hub. Magnetic rotor is completely coated and sealed to protect against dust and moisture.

Accelerates the Wind

Proprietary custom designed generator for low speed + high torque

Ultra Durable

Thermoplastic blades are virtually indestructible. Hardened steel shaft coated with a polyurethane clear coat for protection.

Lightweight. Easy assembly.

Parapet mount provides ease of installation. Force 1650 model only weighs 58lbs.

Expeditionary Energy

On the Move

Primo Wind Force Micro Wind Systems come in sizes ranging from packable for expeditionary purposes to large enough to address the needs of an entire community. Rugged enough for the U.S. Military as well as architecturally sophisticated for urban applications.

Micro Grid Solutions

FORCE Micro Turbine

The Force Micro Turbines make up all of Primo Winds systems. From basic free standing pole mounted system to parapet wall mounts. Force Micro Turbines are perfectly suited as stand alone for off grid installations or for micro grid solutions.

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