Communities & Parks

Plug in to Nature

with the EnergiPlant

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Primo's wind turbine captures energy day and night.


Just as in nature, the leaves capture the sun's energy.


A bank of batteries are stored inside the benches.


WiFi, USB Charging and Security Cameras.

Energy from Wind + Solar

We call it a nano-grid

The EnergiPlant is a free standing nanogrid combining wind, solar and batteries to provide security, WiFi, lighting, and charging for phones and tablets. They can be installed anywhere …at the beach. … in the park. …in a remote vineyard. Fully self-charging, the EnergiPlant doesn’t require any electrical connection.

Creating Connections

WiFi access for everyone

Recharge a cell phone and connect to the WiFi -- all provided by nature's energy. The WiFi extends to 50 feet surrounding the EnergiPlant.

Providing Security

Providing safer spaces with security cameras

The EnergiPlant provides onsite security with dynamic streaming for up to a 50-foot radius.

Built to Last

Made of materials to weather the elements

The bench tops are made with splinter proof hardwood that weathers beautifully and naturally with no maintenance.

Sustainable. Affordable. No Brainer.

Community messaging provides source of revenue.

The benches also offer the opportunity for advertising along the bottom similar to bus benches. Ad rates for a bus bench can run from $70-400/mo. With potentially 6 or more sides for advertising the EnergiPlant could pay for itself in 12-18 months with ongoing revenue for the city, community, or university.

Installed at Universities and Cities