Help Us Plant Primo Seeds

Rerip, Inc. is Planting Primo Seeds for Renewable Power.

Donate now to Rerip for the Primo Seeds campaign to provide renewable hybrid wind and solar systems for disaster relief in Puerto Rico and beyond.


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Energy from Wind + Solar

Power to the People

The EnergiTree is a development from our Energiplant. The EnergiTree uses a 1650 W proprietary generator together with Primo’s patented blade and rotor design, Then we add 500 watts of solar and 4 kW of battery storage. This is enough renewable energy to power the average size Caribbean home.

Providing Choice

A new choice to source power

The EnergiTree can provide a full house worth of power either off-grid or still maintain a connection to the grid. The owner now has a choice.

The Power to Renew

Real Security

Primo’s unique cantilevered design allows for easy assembly and installation and virtually no maintenance. Although designed for category 2 hurricanes the system can be easily lowered for protection in the event of even more severe weather.

Built to Last

Made of materials to weather the elements

Primo Wind’s EnergiTree uses T-7071 aircraft aluminum, stainless steel, and powdered coated materials that can withstand the test of time. Even our custom generators are made to IP 66 and IP 67 standards that mean moisture proof and dustproof, all of our bearings are sealed with a projected lifespan of 20 years, and our patented blades are biomimetic thermosplastics for efficiency and durability.